Sumit Narang: One of the most popular Artist who made a big splash in the music industry.

Sumit Narang who belongs to Haryana, started music, but Sumit Narang used to practice. In his spare time, he then thought whether we should make a music, so that it can be conveyed to the people. Through social media, but this song of his was very much liked by the people. The name of this song was “ I Will Be There ”.Starting from a very young age is a huge task. All Sumit Narang releases so far have proved that he makes songs with his soul. He started at a very young age and this has helped him to gather knowledge about music. Sumit Narang, who belongs to Haryana started music, but Sumit Narang used to practice.  This collaboration has been a great blessing for him and also a great learning phase, as each recording session has been a new experience for him. His deep understanding of musical notes and diction helps him understand each and every song very well. His ability to imitate many other great singers helped him to find another talent of his own, then he started doing good music on YouTube, performing music such as ” I Will Be There ” and “Cyclone”. Sumit Has More upcoming music is going to Release soon

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