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Shravan Jakkula a Young Artist and Music sensation in the Entertainment, Speaks about his road to success with his Start-up company ZIP DIGITALS

Everybody dreams of something great to become but not everybody gets the opportunity to be what they always wanted to become. Shravan Jakkula is one of those people who didn’t wait for the opportunity to come instead he created his own. Shravan Jakkula (Born 14 July 2000) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Actor, Musician & Author by Profession. He is also a self-made Millionaire who owns 3 Companies (ZIP DIGITALS, The OutReach Global, SJ Mp3) and is making an average turnover of more than 1 million dollars a year.

Shravan JakkulaShravan Jakkula

Shravan Jakkula has worked with many multinational companies, actors, social workers, youtubers and influencers. He has helped many companies uplift their bran value by helping them in their pr and digital works. He says that many negative people came in his way while achieving this success but he didn’t get carried away instead he used their words as motivation and now he is on the verge of revolution and he has now achieved a lot in just a small age. He is just 20 years old and is currently the best in his work field and the most trusted one also. Shravan have ever stopped working since he started, he said that the starting phase of his work was very difficult but still he didn’t stop and now his company has generated a revenue of more than 1 million revenue in just a short time span of 3 months by his skill and his co-workers he says we all work like a family thus we have achieved a lot in this time span.

Zip Digitals

The young Entrepreneur Shravan Jakkula founded ZIP DIGITALS, Presently, the title upgraded to India’s Leading Technology & Consultancy Company. Zip Digitals Pvt Ltd deals in App Designing, Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Adword/FB Growth, Music Distribution/Promotion, Verification Consultancy. And Shravan has released his music over some of the top music platforms such as Spotify, Gaana, Wink, and many more. He also has another business by the name of The OutReach Global. Zip Digitals Pvt Ltd has been the sole cause of why many people have had the chance to live their dreams and do the work they desire. The company has a network follower of about 100k to 10million. We hope so he will be able to achieve all the success he dreamt of and now that he has achieved a lot in a young age, he has been an inspiration for many people who want to work hard and make their name in this field. He has also helped many people to setup their own start-up business by helping them in their work and providing them funds and guidance for their starting phase. He says he is also inspired by many people and always wanted to be like them.

Shravan JakkulaShravan Jakkula

He said he had never dreamt of such things but now he worked hard day and night to meet both the ends. He is a student also in B.Tech Final Year who is currently coping up with his studies and working simultaneously and he is achieving all that in just a shot span of time. He is a great asset and inspiration for our Indian community as he also represents our county on such a high level and is making a global impact on the whole world.

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We wish him luck for all his future works and projects and he may achieve all that he dreamt!

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