Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: Combined XI for Madrid derby

Do Los Blancos win this round or do their arch-rivals, the Rojiblancos nick it?

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid :-Derbies are always special, for they add an extra layer of tension to an atmosphere which almost, always, puts you on the edge. And with Real Madrid hosting Atletico Madrid on Saturday, has lined up a 4-3-3 formation for you (Yes, Real Madrid do not play a 4-4-2, but for the sake of this article, we assumed they do!).

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Goalkeeper: Jan Oblak
Keylor Navas is a decent goalkeeper, but he makes the odd clanger and Real don’t think of him as, well, Real material (David de Gea, we are looking at you!). The 24-year-old Oblak has really impressed in his three years with the Rojiblancos and the Slovenian has 11 clean sheets compared to Navas’ 4, a stat to be lauded even if one takes into the fact that both teams have vastly contrasting styles.
Left Back: Marcelo
A perfect exponent of Real’s cavalier approach,Marcelo just about edges this ahead of Atletico’s Felipe Luis. Both the Brazilians have a distinctly different approach to the game, with Marcelo clearly ahead of his compatriot from an offensive standpoint while Luis is more defensively sound. However, Marcelo’s speed on the counter has been key in many crunch games for Real and the 28-year-old has improved his defensive qualities which see him edge this individual round.

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