Pratik Ilag – A Mumbai-based musician, singer-songwriter, and a Guitarist.

Pratik Ilag is a Mumbai-based musician, singer-songwriter, and Guitarist.
Pratik Ilag believes that every song has a secret message to convey to the listeners, and music merely becomes the medium for that. A song is more than a few words, it becomes those emotions we wish happened to us, and other things we wish to see happen in our life.

Every song has emotions tied to it, be it between mother-son, father- daughter, between siblings, between two friends, between lovers or even enemies. The best part of human beings is that we get to experience everything in depth- be it sadness, or happiness, in enmity or friendship. We experience everything wholeheartedly.

There might be a transition from‌ Kalyanji – Anandji, RD and S.D Burman era to Pritam, Amit Trivedi, A.R Rahman but the need to hear a soulful song remains the same; a song resonates more to a person, because it stimulates a person both emotionally and mentally; your heart and brain- both are put in action.

Like every other person, he was also juggling between multiple things pre-2020, but the pandemic hit, and somehow gave people like him the pause to breathe and think. All of us are busy hustling with life, singing the anthem- always be on the grind.

2021 has given Pratik the time to recenter his focus to songwriting and composition, with several projects in his kitty after his solo debut release- “Shikayatein Nahi”

Shikayatein Nahi is an indie pop song about a person chasing freedom, wishing to get away from all the chaos; a person who has completely given up on life and wishes to run away from all this chaos and find a secret solace. “Ansuni Baatein”, released on 7 of April 2022, is Pratik Ilag’s 2nd single.

“Ansuni Baatein” is completely experimental. It was a trial to make a song without chorus, with meaningful lyrics, that any person can resonate to. 
Pratik credits all his achievements to his upbringing and parents, born in Mumbai to a happy- go- lucky couple. Pratik was born on 19 April 1999 in a Maharashtrian family to a teacher and a homemaker, his childhood always had music. Like every other Indian parent, Pratik also was asked to choose a professional course, have a degree first and then pursue passion later.

As they say, life has got a different plan altogether, Pratik too started feeling that something was missing. As cliché as it might sound, that feeling only got worse by the day. Then a day came, when he decided that music was the only option for him. You can catch Pratik repeating one slogan- “music does not need me, but I need music for everything, there is no way I can live without music.”

Pratik had decided a path less chosen in his family and had set to pursue his love for music. He wanted to explore a less used niche in music for song composition; to create music that resonates with life is his only dream

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