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Pokemon Kids TV celebrates its first anniversary with Cat’s Kitchen ‘Sweet Paradise’

NEW DELHI, April 7th, 2022 /– On February 1, 2022, Approved by Pokemon Kids TV celebrated its first anniversary. This channel is an official Pokemon YouTube learning channel that offers a wide range of Pokemon songs, nursery rhymes and educational content for kids. With over 2 million subscribers worldwide, Pokemon Kids TV is rapidly gaining popularity among kids and has garnered over 60 million total views in a single year. For this special occasion, Pokemon Kids TV and renowned Chinese video producer Team Cats Kitchen have produced a series of live-action CGI videos called “Pokemon Sweets Paradise”. The series depicts the everyday life of a man who lives with Pokemon and makes sweets.

After popularity in China, the series was launched in English and also released on the Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel. It has a total of three episodes, which will be released in March, April and May. In addition to English, Thai, Indonesian and Hindi sub-titles will also be added, in the hope that more kids and parents from different regions can connect with Pokemon. The first episode of “Pokemon Sweets Paradise” on Pokemon Kids TV can be seen at here.Cats Kitchen is a well-known video production team from China, who make videos related to food. The team started its work in 2013. It has over 60 million followers in China and has garnered 78 billion video views.

The company’s founder, Lao Dao, who also appears in the video himself, has received much support from many fans for his affectionate homemade food. In future, the channel is also planning to collaborate with various creators to make videos in different genres. You can watch Cat’s Kitchen YouTube channel here.Apart from presenting “Pokemon Sweets Paradise” in the local language, the channel is also planning to produce Pokemon songs in different languages ​​like Thai, Indonesian and Hindi. The song “Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-Pikachu” in different languages ​​as its first project is now available at the link below.(Thai version) version) Version) the future, we are going to introduce more local content on Pokemon Kids TV, so support us in the same way.pokemon kids tvPokemon Kids TV is the official Pokemon YouTube learning channel where you will find videos related to kids. The channel offers Pokemon sing-along videos, popular nursery rhymes and educational content designed to empower the art of learning among Pokemon loving kids.

Please watch Pokemon Kids TV at The Pokemon Company The Pokemon Company is a unique company launched in 1998 by the original authors of Pokemon, a powerful brand created specifically to develop Pokemon content. Through our various activities—content and product development, marketing, and more—we put all of our resources into action to bring out the individual qualities of over 800 Pokemon and to give these characters the full base to bring them to as much popularity as possible. provide attractiveness. As Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary, today it has become a brand that crosses all national and cultural boundaries and connects all generations. The Pokemon Group currently has four companies in Japan and two overseas, with a total of approximately 1,000 employees building Pokwmon for their respective markets.



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