Musician Arshdeep Sandhu who sings HARD WIP, a song on lInequality

Catering to his inherent love for music, Arshdeep Sandhu decided to row the boat as a musician alongside continuing his BSCMusic is known to be a relief for the soul as it conveys thoughts that at times words fail to. Motifs that carry a deeper meaning have always been acknowledged than any other musical piece. Understanding the same, Arshdeep Sandhu a singer, composer, poet and lyricist penned an intriguing song, ‘HARD WIP’, based on unequalityHailing from Akola, Maharashtra Arshdeep Sandhu is an BSC student who also happens to be a fantastic Singer. When he first heard “Eminem” in 2014, his love for music blossomed. In 2016, he began practising Hip-Hop from the Clown Group, and he is still learning today.His folks, similar to some other guardians, needed him to seek after a profession in the clinical field as opposed to singing. That is the reason he was admitted into clinical school, however he didn’t abando


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