Meet Prem Kumar Kaushik (Pkaushikji) is a professional Electronic Musical artist and vibrant digital influencer creating an impact on Instagram

Meet Prem Kumar Kaushik (Pkaushikji) is a professional Electronic Musical artist and vibrant digital influencer creating an impact on Instagram

He has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and A huge fan base

His real name is, Prem Kumar Kaushik (pkaushikji), but in social media, he is known as Pkaushikji. With the fan following of 200,000 on Instagram (pkaushikji) and around 10 lakh or one million views on every recent reel on Instagram, he has managed to create an impact among the youth. He is all of 19 years of age and still managed to capture the imagination of so many on social media. Pkaushikji proves to be an exception here with his sharp vision to achieve zenith of success in this trending field of digital marketing.

Born in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, Pkaushikji has added glory to his birthplace with his fame and peculiar achievement. When one is famous, one becomes the inspiration for others too and therefore, comes along a responsibility to make this fame worth for others by saving them from being astray that too at this delicate age when the mind wants to explore more and more to achieve a satiated level. So, Prem kumar kaushik (pkaushikji) has beautifully adopted this onus of imparting the values among youngsters believing in the fact that he always wants to add positivity and blessings to his success by being on the right path and leading others also to the same.

Furthermore, there is one more awe-inspiring thing that stands out this young personality is that he has not made any escape from his humble nature even after reaching the heights of his career. He always tends to stick to his ethics and principles and continues to exhibit the respect for others in his eyes which is a very rare characteristic of a successful individual. Hence, this trait becomes yet another reason for further increase in his followers. All of these things somehow corroborate the guiding and ethical background of Prem kumar kaushik (pkaushikji) that has been inherited by him from his elders as of which he is never seen deviating from his guided path.

Though, this fame on such platforms may seem a cake walk to a few but Prem kumar kaushik makes it very clear that it’s way more difficult to influence anyone and maintaining the same influence is also a challenge as one mistake can completely ruin the whole hard work. Therefore, it’s no lesser in hard work and sincerity to keep a balance of the things in this field. He advises his followers to remain stuck to their targets and keep patience because without this, there is no other mantra to gain and flourish. He suggests the youngsters to be realistic in approach rather to get attracted to the fake luster. Such heavy words from a 19-year-old, undoubtedly, seem mature but this is the attitude, the attitude of positivity and motivation that makes him loved among the growing personalities.

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