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Marshah- Peace Ambassador to India

Marshah, an advocate of social rights and women’s empowerment, has completed most of her education from Uttar Pradesh, which holds a dear place in her heart. Her inquisitiveness has kept her ahead of her timea and very early she started her career with foriegn embassies of Europe and gulf providing her opportunity to see her own country from many different spectacles.

Rubbing shpulders with such high dignitaries has giving her knowledge of cultural diversity. Marshah, who is always conscious of social work, has always been advocating for their rights along with helping women and children to meet their needs and their needs. Marshah has a special place in the heart of the weaker section of the society and she has always given priority to welfare works for them.

In recognition of Marshah’s social service at the international level, she has been nominated by the Universal Noahide Code United Nations Institute from the United Nations Office New York as a peace ambassador in India. She has been invited to the US for a TV interview to express her views on the challenges facing the lives of the weaker sections and women of this country and suggestions for their solutions.


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