Manjunath Nandanikar [Musical Artist] Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight, Age & More

Manjunath Nandanikar is an Indian Rapper Artist. Pradeep Kumar was Born in the world on 2000 in Athani , Karnataka, India.

The majority are quick to have more records on the pace of improvement as well as the tension and upheaval that specific individuals make inside their organizations.

Scrolling through digital content creator all Rapper Manjunath Nandanikar social media, one is bound to feel envious of his Music journey. Manjunath hails from Hisar and is known for his romantic, videos and rapping posts.

As a kid, he faced body image issues. “In school, I used to be a skinny kid with no stamina. So, people would bully me and called me names which was quite hurtful and even affected my mental health.

Frustrated by it all, I decided to hit the gym and started working out,” he recalls.
The taunts and bullying became a motivator for me to work hard on myself. I wanted to show them that I can do it.

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