Know About Gaurav Jagannath Adhav – Biography, Age, Lifestyle, and More

Gaurav Jagannath Adhav, also known as Rex Music, is an Indian rap artist, who was born on 11th September 2000 in Pune, Maharashtra state. His mother’s name is “Jayashree Adhav” and his father’s name is “Jagannath Adhav” he is a businessman.

Gaurav Jagannath Adhav was very interested in music since childhood. That’s why he has a very good talent for music as well.

Gaurav Jagannath Adhav has created many music albums, out of which many songs like Nasha Ke Peda, Dass Mat, and Peace Me Fook have created a place in the hearts of his fans.

It was difficult for a youngster to be an entertainer, vocalist, and singer. He has been searching for a method for keeping the ball moving while simultaneously being adaptable.

Gaurav Jagannath Adhav tried to do well here by keeping his music on. He kept his interaction smooth with his extraordinary capacity while conveying different kinds of tunes and accounts on various issues.

He has demonstrated to the world that he is a skillful man in music and other specialized things that will make him a champ in the traditional press.

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