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19-year-old Ujjwal casts his life in Yash’s action story; Seeing editing of YouTube video, Prashant Neel got the entire film edited

You must be loving a lot of effects in Rocking Star Yash’s film, but did you know that the entire film has been edited by a 19-year-old boy? Read interesting case..

After watching KGF 2, the public is not tired of praising it and many people are such that they cannot sleep after watching this film. This is because in his dream, Rocky Bhai is coming doing one-to-one action sequences.

Those who know are knowledgeable, but if you do not know, then let us tell you that the bigger part of the action sequences that the actors shoot, the same work is done on it during the editing.

All that you see in slow-motion shooting and the hero jumping is all editing work. Apart from this, the pace of the story, adding the scenes, giving color tone to the film and thirty-six types of work are done in editing. Basically, you understand that it is an editor who touches the film last and makes it magic to watch on screen. And now it’s your turn to be surprised, because this magic on KGF Chapter 2, that is, the editing of the film has been done by a 19 year old boy! Why? Don’t be surprised…

Ujjwal Kulkarni of that age when we didn’t have time to play cricket has edited the entire film and that too big, famous star Yash’s KGF 2. Such a film that the whole of India has been waiting for 4 years with its gaze and if anything went wrong, the band would have played!

According to reports, Ujjwal used to edit such fun-filled videos and fan-made videos on YouTube. KGF 2 director Prashant Neel noticed his work and gave him the task of making the teaser for the first KGF film. Prashant liked Ujjwal’s work so much that he gave him the entire KGF Chapter 2 to edit. If you have seen this movie then you must be able to understand how special the work of this boy is.

That extra slow effect in the slow-motion walks and action sequences with ‘Rocky’ Bhai’s entry and the hard work that Ujjwal has put in for the bright color of the entire film, leave the film, it is understandable by watching the trailer of KGF 2.


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