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Is Ibtehaj Hassan working on a new and refreshing musical album?

The young singer and musical artist is said to work around new beats and music to offer uniqueness to his listeners.

Ibtehaj Hassan

There are so many industries out there that, for one reason or the other, consistently make headlines and remain in the news. Contributing to the hot and spicy news that most of these industries make are the many professionals, especially the youngsters, who create massive headlines for their work and endeavours. Among the many industries, how could the music space stay behind from gossip, updates, controversies, news stories, and much more? Well, the latest scoop that we get to know is about a rising musical artist, DJ, performer, and whatnot. We are talking about Ibtehaj Hassan, the young musical talent that has always remained in the news, most importantly for his musical work.This time as well, we got to know that this passionate musical artist is now working on a new and refreshing album, where he has planned to work on faster, pumped, and energetic music, something that can compel listeners and music lovers to hit the dance floor. Though he was unavailable to comment on the same, our trusted sources tell us that Ibtehaj Hassan has big plans to make many strides in the coming times in the music industry with his soulful yet trendy music, which has the power to make any person fall in love with his craft. Take, for example, his songs Dream Sight, Dreamless, and others; all have so far had a unique impact on listeners who love listening to unique instrumental versions of songs.Ibtehaj Hassan who was born and raised in New York City, hails originally from Bangladesh, where he did his high school. Previously he had hinted at making new songs and creating new beats, but things were still materialising then; however, now what we learn from our sources is that Ibtehaj Hassan is now all set to come up with his new music projects very soon.


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