Fame for movie debutants Avjeet Singh & Krissann B

This Film is not a usual love story. Amaris promises a gripping story but also finds itself in the midst of controversies to which the Producer Anusha Randhawa has reacted “This has no connection to any controversies its just some people trying to bring things in a badlight, Iam infact thankful to all of you has supported Amaris with immense love”. As per the insights, The leads of the film have also shared thier thoughts in a recent interview and on social media platforms of Amaris. The Film is already running successfully. We request the people to watch the Film and share thier thoughts. The Film Music is launched on Dom Music Platform. All the songs are trending and have got good traction on YouTube. To get more updates on Amaris movie, log into thier social media platforms specially on Instagram by the name movie_amaris.

Amaris movie

Amaris film gains massive popularity in short time. Fame for the lead of Amaris debutants Avjeet Singh & Krissann B along with Kinshuk Vaidya and Sumit Singh.. the Producer of the Film Anusha Randhawa is happy about the collection in Box office. The Film promotion has gained great steam on Social Media and also is being liked by alot of Fans.


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