Entrepreneur Tajamul Islam :- CEO of Millionaire Mentors that helps companies to build digital brands

Entrepreneur Tajamul Islam :-Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. They envision their business as majorly successful; allowing them to form enormous wealth, be the boss, have the liberty to return and go as they please and work how and once they want.

On average, entrepreneurs work harder and put in longer hours than their employees, while taking over far more risk.
Entrepreneur- Tajamul Islam CEO of Millionaire Mentors.Just 23 years old Tajamul Islam from Srinagar district of UT of Jammu and Kashmir is spreading magic without any Entrepreneurship course

 Tajamul Islam is the CEO of Millionaire Mentors Team an agency that helps companies find their social voices and build their digital brands through micro content and other story telling actions. Tajamul islam was born in Srinagar , Jammu and Kashmir 3 July 1997.

Kashmir Based entrepreneur, speaker, and Internet personality Tajamul Islam is also a co-founder of the Millionaire Mentors Team. Tajamul Islam know the true Entrepreneurship meaning and is now more known for his work in digital marketing and social media as the chairman of Millionaire mentors team . 
Tajamul Islam believes 5 common traits of an entrepreneur:
VisionSuccessful entrepreneurs have a transparent vision of what their business are going to be and may concisely articulate its purpose, goals and market position. they need identified (and can succinctly describe) the who, what, where, when and why of their business.
PassionA successful entrepreneur is hooked in to their business. it’s diligence , and fixing long hours are going to be tough if you don’t love what you’re doing. People with passion know what it’s that drives them to stay working to realize their vision.
TenacityEntrepreneurs remain tough when the going gets rough. They don’t hand over easily. they will accept rejection and are willing to find out from their mistakes. they’re willing and ready to adapt and modify their plan so as to achieve success subsequent time around.
Willingness to figure hardBeing an entrepreneur is harder than being an employee. To achieve success , the entrepreneur must be willing to place within the time and energy required, often for small or no pay at the start . Successful entrepreneurs recognize the danger and necessary work that achieving their goals will entail.
ConfidenceSuccessful entrepreneurs believe in themselves and in their business. they need to believe their ability and in their idea. Every entrepreneur will face rejection along the way and successful entrepreneurs are those with the arrogance to stay going and recover after a setback.

After graduating from college in 2018, In August 2019 Tajamul Islam stepped away from the offline business to build Online Business and , a digital marketing for entrepreneurs.

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