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Darshan Patil is now tied up with Pradeshik Music

Darshan Patil is an Indian Bollywood and Marathi Musical artist. He is also a founder of Factdarshan Times. Pradeshik Music is a new label launched by Ajay Lobo. Darshan Patil has signed with pradeshik music that all of the upcoming songs and content will be published through this music label.

Pradeshik music has many popular music artists, this will make the label very early popular due to the upcoming projects with popular musicians. “I am officially tied up with the Pradeshik Music Marathi Label, this will make many artists change their mind and will show the path to have the chance in Marath, music” testified Darshan Patil in his social media post.

He is a hardworking artist and label manager who manages many artists worldwide. The rumors are that Factdarshan Music to be also merged with Pradeshik Music.


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