Amardeep chahal is a Musical Artist,
Influencer and Social Media Celebrity Of

Amardeep Chahal is a Musical Artist : – Amardeep Chahal is a Musical Artist, Influencer and Social Media Celebrity, who lives in Narwana, Haryana and is also a YouTuber. Making videos is one of his hobbies. Amardeep Chahal was just 25 years old when he was born on June in frain khurd(Jind), Haryana.

Amardeep Chahal is one of the best and popular celebrity on the internet and his songs are really great. He released many songs at the age of 25. Amardeep is also very popular for his short lip-sync videos and many short video platforms are verified. Like Josh, MXTakaTak, Chingari, Rizzle , tiki, zili etc

Amardeep chahal

Amardeep Chahal makes his parents really proud as they have gained a lot of popularity at this age. He learned music and became a music expert at a young age. He is an indian music artist and composer, known for composing loft versions of music and many other famous releases.

Amardeep started his career as a music artist as a hobby. He is started his career from Narwana with the release of some famous remixes or melodious songs which stream on Spotify and 180+ other streaming platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes. The official artist channel can be found on all streaming platforms like YouTube Music as Amardeep Chahal.

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