23 year Dhruv Jatti from Karnataka Appointed as Youngest Spokesperson in the history of Indian National Congress

The 23 year old Dhruv Jatti, belongs to the age old Jatti Political Family. His great grand father Shri. BD Jatti – a veteran congress leader and the pride of Kannadigas for holding the Vice President of India Post. Dhruv holds a Bachelors Degree in Global Affairs from Jindal School of International Affairs. He has vast knowledge about foreign affairs and international polity.

Jatti, following the footsteps of his great grandfather believes in three things: The teachings of Guru Basaveshwara, Social Service, and Development oriented politics that will benefit the people. His mindset is different from traditional politicians. He is a staunch follower of “realpolitik” who places practical thinking over ideology and traditional thought.

Jatti, belongs to the prominent Lingayat Community and hails from Bagalkote District‘s North Karnataka. He was scouted by Shri. Former IT Minister Shri. Priyank Kharge, who spotted Jatti taking up active student issues on National Television debates as an activist.

Previously, Dhruv Jatti has a great track record to defending the ideology of the Congress Party on NDTV, India Today, Republic and other national channels. He actively took up issues of students during the pandemic. He spoke for the rural students who were facing a digital divide and couldn’t cope with online education. He became a popular figure and a sensation on social media amongst students across the nation.

Dhruv Jatti is known to be a dynamic leader who is focusing on building a career in public life. His ambition is to implement the UN SDG Goals 2030 in Bagalkot Parliament Constituency by the end of this decade. He is working on empowering farmers with sustainable technology and improving the quality of education in government schools.

While the Congress Party has been widely criticised for it’s exclusion of Youth. This specific appointment of Dhruv Jatti marks a new era as the Age Old Congress Party is turning to Youths for growing its party cadre further.

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